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891 W. Adkins Hill Road, Norman, OK

Top Vacuum Truck Dealer

Always giving you a full inventory

Whether you are looking for vacuum tanks, trucks, or trailers, we have everything you need in one place -- quality, service, and satisfaction. We provide part replacement and offer a fully-stocked inventory. If we don't have it, we will special order it for you!

Trust your needs to our professionalism
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We carry the name-brand pumps you trust, all without breaking your budget or wasting your time. Our inventory is always stocked for you, which is why, for your convenience and satisfaction, we can build and find whatever truck you need with any and all accessories.

Top Vacuum Truck Dealer in the U.S.

We build, find and customize trucks for the liquid waste industry, portable toilet companies, septic truck pumpers, gas trucks, water delivery companies, and much more!  

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